Ciao Bella
This is my ekphrastic poem. An ekphrastic poem is a poem based on a picture, painting, song or any other kind of art. 

Sea Birds and Sea Boats

By Charlotte Bairey

The bow of the sea craft peers up,

At the gulls,

Longing for the freedom, 

Of being able to soar,

Miles above all worries,

Unbound of troubles.


The gulls stare down,

At the boat,

They burn for such a life,

To have no obstacles to hurdle,

Their hearts thirst,

To lounge on the beach,

That lays caressed,

By the pink and purple light,

Of the setting sun.


They know nothing of each other’s longing,

For the others carefree lives,

The only one that knows,

Of this need to swap lives,

Is the light air,

That knows no sorrow,

That knows so little,

And so much at once.


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