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This is an essay we wrote about our favorite characters from "The Outsiders" by S.E. Hinton. I wrote mine on Dally, the rebel of the story. I thought that he would be the most interesting to write about. 


            Conflict is when someone has two sides or personalities and has trouble deciding what they really think. Sometimes conflict can cause people to make the wrong decision or act differently then they truly are. People like politicians, doctors, and leaders can be conflicted when trying to make important decisions. Dally Winston, in The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, is a conflicted character.

            First, Dally is conflicted when he rides horses. When he is younger, Dally rides horses with Darry Pony’s oldest brother. He refuses to cheat on race days and gets mad at anyone who suggests it. Dally brakes any rule he can, but he refused to cheat. “Dally rode the ponies honestly and did his best to win. It was the only thing Dally did honestly,” (page 61) Pony says looking back on it.  The most rebellious of people chooses to do this one thing honestly, revealing his conflicted feeling about right and wrong.

            Then, as the fire licks up the sides of the burning church, Dally is once again conflicted. There are children inside of the burning church, and Ponyboy and Johnny run in to save them. Dally would soon as let the children burn than go in to save them, but now that Ponyboy and Johnny are inside the church, it’s different. Johnny means so much to Dally that he runs in to save them. “Dally was standing there and when he saw me he screamed, “For Pete’s sake get outta there,” (page 93) Dally screams at Pony, trying to keep him safe. Dally gets hurt and is put in the hospital. He cares for Johnny more than he is scared for his own life and safety, betraying his hard exterior.

Lastly, he time when Dally is most conflicted is when he gets himself shot. After Johnny, the only thing he has ever loved dies; Dally loses everything. The one thing he cares for is gone. The police corner him after he steals something from a convenience store, and the rest of his gang is there ready to back him up. He reaches into his jacket and pulls out the unloaded gun he carries with him everywhere. Dally’s gang sees what is going to happen, observing, “And even as the policemen’s guns spit fire into the night, I knew that this is what Dally wanted,” (page 154). Dally is the boy who is scared of nothing and loves no one, but he can’t live with the pain of losing Johnny. To make the pain go away, he gets himself killed.  Anyone who knows him will tell you that he is as tough as nails and that nothing will affect him like this. If they tell you that, they are wrong.

In conclusion, Dally Winston, in The Outsiders is conflicted. He is conflicted when he rides horses as a young boy. Also, he is conflicted when he runs into a burning church to save his friends. When he purposely gets himself shot is another example of his conflict. If Dally is not conflicted, he would be in jail more often, and he would not have any good in him. If Dally isn’t conflicted, Ponyboy and Johnny would burn in the church, and Dally would still be living his lonely life. I am conflicted when someone asks me to make decisions that will affect others. I worry that I will make the wrong decision and hurt the people I am making these decisions for. For example if someone asks me to tell about someone who has done something wrong. Conflict impacts my life in both negative and positive ways. Sometimes it makes me over think and make the wrong decision. Some of the time it helps me to think the possibilities over and make a more affective decision.



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