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To me a good digital citizen is someone who does all they can to make the digital world a more safe and pleasant place. That includes not putting others down online or insulting other people.  Being a digital citizen doesn’t just include not insulting people directly; it also includes not writing about people on websites or other places without their permission. You should be a good digital citizen because if you don’t it can ruin other people’s lives and cause them a lot of pain. Cyber bulling is also illegal and can cause some very serious punishment.

One way to model good digital citizenship is to be a good digital citizen toward others. If they see your example they are more likely to follow in your food steps. Treat people like you want to be treated is also in effect online. Do not provoke people to treat you badly. If someone cyberbullys you, you do not need to do so back. Always stop and think before you send a mean message or post a bad comment. Think before you act.

I learned a lot over the process of this subject. I learned that there are many different ways of being an outstanding digital citizen, not just stopping bullying. I also learned that being a good citizen online could have a positive effect on both others and yourself. Every time you do a good deed online the digital world gets a little brighter, and if everyone is a good digital then the digital world will be a positive environment that will have a positive effect on everyone’s life in general. If you are exposed to a harsh digital world then you will act harshly in the real world, but if you are exposed to a positive digital world then you will act more positively in the real world. If you are a good digital citizen then you will be a good citizen whenever possible.

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